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August 2020
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Decisions made – stitching started August 21st, 2005

Where does inspiration come from?…I had been hesitating as to what I wanted to do on my bag but when I saw Mann’s it inspired me and images started coming into my head….Mine will be nothing like Mann’s but what her bag did for me was to free up my thoughts and remember that this is for fun….Mann writes her Blog Hegeldab in Estonian but is writing her bags of fun entrys in English for which I thank her, I was first attracted to her bag because I liked that she used overalls instead of jeans and I liked the colours of her freeform crochet and then when I looked just a few days later she had learnt just a few basic stitches from Sharon’s stitch dictionary and using her crochet thread, had stitched fish allover her bag…I looked at them and thought “Wow, she has had fun”, they looked fresh and bright and they released my mind to daydream of what would be FUN to do on my bag….My mind went back to the time I spent in the Fairy Garden when I was making Another World, stitching that garden had been great fun and I have decided that a fantasy/fairy garden is what I wanted on my bag…

Theme decided I sat down with my Visual Journal and started sketching out the things that I want to put into my fairy garden below is what I ended up with…

Visual Journal Page

Time to stitch…the first thing that I need to do is to put in the background features and I have started with the rock wall…My first idea was to try painting the rocks…didn’t work, next I tried embroidering the cracks between the rocks…

I did one row and decided that I didn’t like it…

…Next Idea…To applique each rock….

I think that this is going to work…If the scale is to big I will just have to cover it in Vines and flowers…

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sharlee on 22 August 2005
Hi there Annie,
Your sketch of your proposed bag took me right back to a story I wrote for a creative writing course I did a number of years ago – I think I wrote about it somewhere just a couple of weeks ago… It was about a little girl whose family members made a quilt – I decided in my wisdom that the quilt would have a fairy theme – and being a mostly non quilter – I had to refer to books on the actual construction – but I remember drawing? a rough sketch just so I had some sort of ‘lead’ to what I was doing… It had all sorts of fairy related stuff… Somewhere in the archives of my house it still exsists… If I find it I will post it on my blogger – the most important words here – if I find it… LOL I have just had another brain wave – but it is too daunting even to think it further… Ohhhh – my head hurts…

anniescrazyworld on 23 August 2005
Hi Sharlee,
When brain waves hit it is time to pull out the Visual Journal…The good thing about Visual Journals is that sketching out an idea is not a commitment to making it but can help you decide if it is worth pursuing or not…some ideas will go no further, some will develop and bear fruit immediately, others will lay dormant, maybe for years awaiting there time yet others will mutate and emerge in a different form.

Nicky Perryman on 24 August 2005
Love your sketchbook page – its really cute!! Lots of nice ideas there.

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