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July 2024
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New Years Resolution For 2009 January 1st, 2009

For the last 2 years I have resolved to blog regularly ALL Year and have successfully kept that resolution…I thought about making the same resolution for this year but really I think that my blogging has become enough of a good habit that I don’t need the resolution to continue regular blogging…So what to resolve to do, I have had lots of thoughts of grand things that I would love to achieve but I think that a resolution has to be doable, if it has any chance of being kept, so I thought a bit more about the more modest things that I would like to achieve, amongst them is a project that is well started but untouched for more than a year, I do think that it is time it was finished and I hereby resolve to FINISH my Crazy Quilted Box Top before the end of 2009.

My Garden has provided me a lovely new years day treat with this, the first of my Lilies to blossom.

Red Lilium Lanzarote

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  1. Michelle Holmes Says:

    Loving your lilly, i’ve decided after the flood season that will be one of the many flowers that will be planted. what a great photo…

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