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October 2023
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Twin Stockings_24 – Detail 824 Spiders web December 16th, 2008

In the Victorian era spiders webs were considered a symbol of good luck and it has become traditional to stitch a spiders web into crazy quilts…I don’t put spider webs onto every piece of crazy work I do sometimes it suitable to a block and I didn’t put a spiders web on any of the first 4 stockings but since then I have learned that there is a Christmas Spider Story and for that story I have stitched a web onto one of the twin stockings and put a spider on the other.

There seems to be several versions of the Christmas spider story This Christmas spider story seems to be the more common version but I did like This version of the Christmas spider story.

Click here for instructions how to stitch a spider web .

spider webSpider charm

2 Responses to “Twin Stockings_24 – Detail 824 Spiders web”

  1. Granny Sue Says:

    What beautiful stockings! I love crazy quilts and own a couple of antique ones. Yours are real works of art.

  2. Susan Says:

    That spider looks like he is going to swing right across to that web!

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