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October 2023
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Twin Stockings_25 December 17th, 2008

I would normally not put so many charms/motifs so close together as these 3 are but I do like how this lot looks on the block…

The iron on tree motif worked well to cover a glitch in the stitching and the star on the tree links it to the fabric above…I chose the Cherry charm as a pair up with a piece of fruit that will go on the other stocking, cherries are a seasonal Christmas fruit in Australia but not be in the northern hemisphere where these stockings are to live so I wanted to hide the cherries and I liked the way they blended into the holly print on the fabric behind them…The Gingerbread house is there because I still felt that the stocking needed something else so I was going through the Christmas charms/buttons that I had and when I put the gingerbread house in the curve of the stitching it just looked so right that I looked no further, I had found the something that this stocking needed to finish it.

Tree, Gingerbread house and Cerry charms

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  1. Susan Says:

    They all look perfect. I would never have known there was a reason the tree had to go there. =)

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