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Twin Stockings_22 and My Band Sampler 130 – Details 821 to 823 December 14th, 2008

names on stocking tops

With all the seams done it was time to put the names on the tops of the stockings…Stem Stitch done with a red rayon thread and a green silk thread.

The fabric on the left was not easy to stitch on and rayon thread was not a good choice of thread to use on it but It was the red colour I wanted and like the finished texture of the stitch…and I like what happened to the lettering because of it, my original intention was to fill in the spaces on the letters but when the red rayon on the gold satin was so difficult to stitch with I decided not to fill the spaces and I like how light and airy the letters look.

I finished the tops with a butterfly on one and an angel on the other…The angel is the same charm that I put on the cover of the book but unlike the one on the book that I intended to be hidden this one I wanted to be seen, even though it is a very tiny charm the fine paint work done by my son Sam does make it visible.

On my sampler I have written twins to represent the type of stitching and the threads that I used, I thought that it would be a nice way to finish of the twin stocking section on my sampler.

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