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October 2023
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Twin Stockings_15 and My Band Sampler 124 – Details 808 and 809 November 18th, 2008

First stocking toe

This Chevron Stitch variation is a combination of details 675 and 676, I wanted to do detail 675 but I thought I needed a one sided seam treatment which is what detail 676 is but when I stitched the seam it didn’t end up like either of them and I wasn’t happy with the look of the new variation it was chunky and visually cut the toe off from the stocking instead of connecting it…this one had me stumped for a while until I showed my sister who immediately suggested that I use the same thread is used for the seam to highlight the little stars on the fabric, perfect, the stars lighten up the seam and flows out of the stocking connecting the toe to the rest of the stocking.

This seam evolved from ideas on my sampler and then gone full circle back onto my sampler as yet another idea.

Chevron Stitch and Stars

2 Responses to “Twin Stockings_15 and My Band Sampler 124 – Details 808 and 809”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Annie, I love what happened to the toe area on the stocking. The seam treatment makes me want to pull out my needle and thread and stitch along with you.

  2. Maureen Bond Says:

    I really like this stitch design.

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