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December 2022
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My Band Sampler 107 – Details 742 to 765 – Stem Stitches September 30th, 2008

Cover of Batsfords encyclopedia of embroidery stitches I was looking through Sharon’s stitching books and was drawn into The Batsfords Encyclopedia of Embroidery Stitches by Anne Butler…Sharon reviewed this book when she found it.

As I said I was drawn into this book and decided to stitch my way through the chapter on Stem Stitch which is in the same family of stitches as the back stitches that I have been doing recently.

back of stem stitches with namesAlthough these stitches are in the same family they all have individual names and embroidering every name would get very tiresome but for the practical reason of being able to have the name of the stitch easily referenceable when using the sampler for seam ideas I have started writing the name of each stitch on the back of the sampler…Click here for a big image of the back for the names of the stitches.

This is also the start of Take it Further September Colours.

Stem Stitches

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  1. Susan Says:

    I looked the book up on Amazon, because it looked interesting. The cheapest copy I could find was $135! Guess I’ll just enjoy your stitching from it.

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