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December 2022
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My Band Sampler 104 – Details 737 to 740 – Paralympic Games September 25th, 2008

I haven’t been Keeping up with my blogging recently but I have been stitching and the next thing to go onto my sampler was the Paralympic games…I introduced it with the fact that I had to buy a Set Top Box so that I could watch the extended coverage of the games on ABC2, the need for a Set Top Box is that Australia is changing TV Broadcasts from Analog to Digital and a Set Top Box is the gadget that enables old Analog TV sets to receive broadcasts from the new digital channels.

For the words I used the colours of the Paralympic games logo plus a gold thread and stem stitched the letters.

ideas for paralympic gamesThen I stitched the logo of the 2008 games and was going to embroider the moon shapes of the games logo scattered along under the date but changed the design when I realized the the 2008 games logo was a stylized wheel chair athlete, I couldn’t see it initially because I was seeing the left side as the front but as I watched the wheel chair athletes pushing their chairs I saw the logo in perspective, once I saw it I couldn’t resist making the next line of embroidery orange with a white line to give them a track to roll on and I had to leave the space in front of the logo free so that the athlete has room to zoom…interesting that my Olympic detail also has a blank spacebut for a different reason.

The stitch I used for the track is a combination of the next 2 lines both variations of threaded back stitch.

Paralympic games

2 Responses to “My Band Sampler 104 – Details 737 to 740 – Paralympic Games”

  1. tommy Says:

    I love the careful lace on your project! Although I can’t embroider or do much of anything past the sewing machine, i think your talents are amazing!

  2. Joanna Says:

    Oh I know the second one from the bottom, my mom was doing something with this design. She always said it’s super easy but for me it never was. I’m good at generally designing for the home, but not in terms of actual crafting. Two left hands as they say…

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