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December 2022
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My Band Sampler 102 – Detail 733 – A Stitch with another name could be the same September 9th, 2008

A few nights ago I showed double back stitch and the pattern that double back stitch looks like on the back of the fabric. When I showed Sharon I commented that I had actually stitched the back pattern from the front side and that it felt like I was stitching a two sided Stem Stitch, Sharon pointed out that it was actually Closed Herringbone, which was obvious to me as soon as she said it and at the same time I realized that I have always known double back stitch as shadow embroidery which is what it is when done on a sheer fabric so that the closed herringbone on the back can show through the fabric…The next week I found a stitch, in The Batsford encyclopaedia of Embroidery Stitches, called side stem stitch which looks like 2 very close rows of back stitch…The way that a single stitch can have 2 or more names and in other cases a single name can be used for 2 different stitches makes nameing stitches difficult which is why I prefer to think of stitches as variations on the family groupings such as buttonhole or even more broadly as straight, looped and knoted stitches.

Back of Shadow embroidery

Shadow Embroidery, which I now know as double back stitch, was the first embroidery stitch that I ever learnt when I embroidered my initials on the front of a half slip petticoat.

To do a sample of Shadow embroidery on my sampler I cut a hole in the linen and turned the edges under to expose the lining which is a sheer fabric.

I was delighted with how well the double pekinese stitch worked to make a frame for the mushrooms.

Shadow embroidery mushrooms

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