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January 2022
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The Mission July 3rd, 2008

My life seems to go from the sublime to the ridiculous, after being sick for so many weeks I am now just about recovered and hoping that I havn’t taken on more than I can handle as I have a buzy week coming up…I have my brother and family (3 young children) visiting and in the mean time My Mission has been accepted.

you can read about the Mission at abc 666 radio afternoons.

My Mission is to learn basic bricklaying and how to mix strong mortar so that I can finish building the Castle in my front garden…When I heard the mission challenge on the radio I thought what a great opportunity that would be to learn the basics of bricklaying so that I could be sure that the upper part of my castle walls would be strong and safe and even though I was still sick at the time I felt compelled to reach for the phone to call in my mission and to have my mission accepted is very exciting.

I am not the only one that is excited my niece, who has helped me building the castle is also very excited and is having the day of school so that she can come into the radio studio with me when our Mission is introduced live on air.

To Listen in via live streaming…Log onto ABC canberra local radio (the live streaming button is 3/4 of the way down the left hand side of the page) at 1.30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on Friday 4th July 2008…Use this time Date Converter to work out what time that is where you live (Select Australia -Australian Capital Territory – CAnberra from the convert from drop down Menu and your own location from the convert to drop down menu)

There will be a pre recorded progress report at 1.30pm on Wednesday 9th of July.

And a live to air wrap up of my mission at 1.30pm Friday 11th July.

One Response to “The Mission”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I just listened to part one of your mission on the radio … well done Annie! – it sounded great!
    btw … small world syndrome – they also did the wrap up of the previous mission just before introducing Annies … and the dog grooming bloke (taught someone how to clip her poodle) just happens to be a friend of mine too (in fact he was best man at My Husband and my wedding!) … so I got a few strange looks from others here in the staff room – I guess I looked/sounded a bit weird sitting at my desk eating my lunch and laughing out loud at the radio …
    btw – I hope the castle building goes as well as the person’s dog grooming did …
    er … I had better go back to work now (my lunch break has just finished)

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