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October 2023
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My Band Sampler 83 – Details 676 & 677 June 27th, 2008

Chevon Stitch and in memory of Jane McGrath

The line of stitching is one of my TAST stitches from last year,

The second detail…When I heard on the radio that Jane McGrath had died of breast Cancer age 42 I thought I should record her passing on my sampler and then I wandered how her passing did fit into my life and I decided not to but I woke up the next day thinking about it again, I logged onto the McGrath Foundation Website, where you can read her story, and found my breast awarness Pin and thought about how I could use it in conjunction with the words but my designs weren’t working, it got to hard and I decided against putting it on my sampler…But I again woke up thinking about it, after 2 days of pocrastination I thought to ask my son’s opinion, his immediate answer was Yes and he also suggested using the twist of real pink ribbon instead of the metal pin, using real ribbon meant that I could make it much smaller so that it fitted around the words so that my design worked, for the Mcgrath Foundation logo I printed the logo on a pretreated fabric sheet and used fusible webbing to attach it to the sampler…I guess it was meant to be and maybe its place in my life is that I do have friends that have had breast cancer and this is my opportunity to promote breast cancer awareness, in memory of Jane McGrath.

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