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December 2022
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My Band Sampler 82 – Details 669 to 675 June 24th, 2008

Recovering from the virus seems to have been ever so slow and I have been having good days and bad days but I have now had a few good days in a row and today I feel better than I have since before getting sick over 5 weeks ago.

With this lot of stitches I have started my Take it Further June colours.

Until this point the Chevron stitch variations that I have been doing are the obvious variations, such as doing 2 rows side by side, 2 rows overlapped and different stitch lengths and stich widths, plus a few extra variations that I thought of as I was working on the obvious ones. Sometimes the ideas for variations just flow with each variation suggesting the next one to me but at other times I hit a dead end and the ideas dry up, when that happens I start looking for other sauces of inspiration, to start with a look back at Sharon’s TAST Chevron Stitch samples, There I found a sample of Chevron stitch worked in Squares and set side by side which gave me the first line of stitching on tonights image.

The second line is my son’s new car registration number…I have included this detail partly because his having his own car means that I no longer have to share mine which makes my life easier but mostly because Sam is a part of this samplers story, he loves and appreciates what I am making, he will inherit it one day and I like that he will be able to look at it as part of his history.

The third line is the same squares as in line one but this time I have left more space between the squares and used a different arrangement of beads.

The fourth line…what if I spin the squares and set them side by side…what I am thinking as I stitch this lot of variations is how well the geometric nature of these seams would work on crazy quilted items made for males who like less floral stitches.

Line five is the same chevron stitch layout as line 4 with the beads arranged to extend outside the squares.

The sixth line marks the Winter Solstice.

The seventh line is another one from Sharon’s TAST Chevron Stitch samples, The chevron stitch base is a row of narrow stitches over a row of wide stitches, which is the same as the first line of stitching in my last post but this time I have done both rows in the same colour and added a straight stitch over each bar as per Sharon’s sample.

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3 Responses to “My Band Sampler 82 – Details 669 to 675”

  1. Virginia Says:

    Mamma mia!! you must have a large sampler now. Will you show us the whole thing when it is finished?
    Regards from Madrid

  2. Susan Says:

    Love the squares. Is there a particular order to stitching, or whatever seems convenient? I like the way you insert other things as you go along, too, not just rows of stitching.

    I’m glad you were feeling better. Hope the virus is completely gone now.

  3. sue dulle Says:

    I love to look at your samplers…you have such a creative mind. One of these days I am going to start a sampler of stitches on needlepoint canvas…Thanks for the inspiration!

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