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Quilt Labels March 22nd, 2006

A quilt isn’t really finished untill it has a label on the back so I spent today in front of my computer designing and prepareing labels for the back of the All that Jazz Quilts…

AT the Top of each label under the quilt name it says “One of 3 All That Jazz Quilts made by the Crazy Quilt Internet Community as a fundraiser in aid of Katrina Hurricane Survivors 2006”.

To indicate the maker of each block I faded images of each quilt and then typed the names of the makers on each block…it took a bit of time to work out how to put the text over the image but it was worth it because who made what block can easily be identified with no confusion.

label for #2 label for #3

At the bottom of each label it gives the credits
Coordinated by Sharon Boggon and Annie Whitsed in Australia And Pam Kellog in USA
Fabrics Donated by Sharon Boggon and Addicted to Fabric
Assembled by Annie Whitsed with assistance from Sam Whitsed, Lynne Harlow, Anne Eccleston
and Canberra Crazy Quilters
For Quilt History and Artist statements visit

I made the labels by printing them onto T Shirt tranfers which I ironed onto white fabric which is stitched into the bottom right corner of each quilt back with 2 edges covered by the binding…the label for #1 is A4 size the other 2 are half that size…I did have to unpick a couple of the ties so that there wasn’t a bead under the label, on #3 I stitched the front bead on again without a bead on the back, on #2 I stitched them back on with the bead on the back, I thought that the butterfly beads looked cute on top of the label.

2 Responses to “Quilt Labels”

  1. Marty52 Says:

    What a cool idea to include the names of the quilters over their blocks. Inspired all the way around!

  2. SHunting Says:

    I have been watching your progress with interest… WOW – I thought what all those people achieved with their CQ blocks were amazing but what you have done since with the blocks is the work of a Master… Congratulations Annie…

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