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When it Works…Use It March 21st, 2006

Yesturday I raided Sharon’s stash again, when I couldn’t find enough of any one bead in my own stash for the front of All that Jazz #3…As it turned out I did have the chosen bead in my stash, I just hadn’t considered it…After we had auditioned and rejected several gold beads, both in a formal grid and scattered, she handed me a packet of the same little purple butterflies that I used on the back of Jazz #2…the reason I hadn’t tried them was that they are plastic and I had been looking at more “quality beads” but when auditioned they passed with flying colours…I think that the reason the gold beads didn’t work is because this quilt needed subtle the purple butterflies are subtle and when it works I use it.

butterflies on the front

The back is an Apricot coloured Thai silk that I had in my stash…for the bead on the back I chose an apple green seed bead.

apple green beads on the back

and below are the messy inner back and the real back.

All that Jazz #3 the messy backAll that Jazz #3 the real back

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