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June 2020
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All That Jazz #3 changes March 19th, 2006

When I got the new fabric home I laid the blocks out on it again, stood back and looked at it and thought Ooops its not the right colour, it looks good with the blocks but there was to much background and I felt as if it needed another colour…I tried adding corner squares but there was still to much background which made the blocks look to sparse and spread out.

corner squares

I played around with the placement of the blocks and liked this arrangement but I felt that it still needed another colour around the blocks.

new arrangement

I took the blocks and fabric to the Canberra Quilters monthly meeting knowing that I would get lots of suggestions from them…and I did, they suggested framing each block log cabin style but that would have got into being a lot of piecing and I wanted the backgrounds of these quilts as simple as possible so as not to draw focus from the blocks, we tried turning the blocks on point but only the centre one looked any good on point, we tried laying them out in pennant and banner shapes..It was when somebody suggested black and the hostess of the meeting went and found some, that it came together as soon as we laid the blocks on the black background everyone agreed that it worked, I had not tried black because I had thought that it would be to sever but what it does is make the blocks shine out like jewels.

with black background

And the fabric that I purchased for the background works well as the borders, we did try it on some dark green which did look wonderful but the room was split as to which looked best and in the end I decided that the silk would be the nicest fabric to work with…going now to cut the border strips and stitch them on..

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