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Butterflies on the back March 13th, 2006

The second all that Jazz Quilt is ready to put the binding on…the photo shows how the butterflies are scattered over the back.

Butterflies on the Back

In the meantime I have stitched the 5 blocks with 4 plain squares into a 9 patch for the centre of the third All that Jazz Quilt…

now you see it

…and tonight I unpicked them…Why…because I had used the same fabric as I did for the second quilt and whilst the colour looks great with the blocks, while I have been working on the second quilt I have grown to hate working with the fabric…it crushes but won’t take a crease, it attracts fluff, it freys badly and just doesn’t having a nice feel to it…I have been thinking about it for a few days, trying to convince myself that I was just being silly but yesturday I realized that I wasn’t looking forward to finishing the third quilt, I rang Sharon and talked it through with her and made the decision that I would reverse sew the 9 patches and change the fabric…decision made I am happy and looking forward again to pieceing All that Jazz #3…now what colour will I find for it this time?

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