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My Band Sampler 27 – Details 569 to 571 February 26th, 2008

My Band Sampler 27

These 3 seams are based on one by Lin Moon.

Top row…With this seam I put the beads on the stitch as I worked it instead of at the ends of the stitch.

Middle row…the top row looked so different from Lin’s that I thought I would do it again with the beads on the ends of the stitch but after doing the row of flipped buttonhole stitches I thought what if I did a second row in the spaces of the first which gave a nice centre to put the long beads….2 strands silk floss and 2 strands of cotton floss.

Bottom row…trying again, this one is very similar to Lin’s but only has 5 stitches on each side because I was at the bottom of the panel and didn’t have enough space for the swing of the 7 stitches….Rayon Thread.

One Response to “My Band Sampler 27 – Details 569 to 571”

  1. Susan Says:

    I like all three seams, and the colors you used on them. I really love your “all seeing eye” seam in the middle, though! That’s one I’ll have to try, too.

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