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My Band Sampler 26 – Details 565 to 568 February 25th, 2008

My Band Sampler 26

All of todays details are based on stitches on skybellarts buttonhole stitch sampler.

Top row…The arms of the Buttonhole Stitch are sloped with 2 or 3 arms sharing the same hole at the top to form triangles….Rayon thread.

Second row…This seam uses the 3 arm triangles which I elongated and flipped from side to side…silk thread.

Third row…2 rows of Buttonhole stitch, with their arms faceing each other and threaded together forming the geometric design…2 strands cotton floss.

Bottom row…2 rows of Buttonhole, the top row with alternating long and short arms, the lower row with very short arms aligned with the long arms of the top row and then threaded with the contrasting colour…Cotton Thread.

One Response to “My Band Sampler 26 – Details 565 to 568”

  1. Susan Says:

    Oh, I like what you’ve done here. I really like the last row. I’ve turned rows facing each other this way, but it never occurred to me to thread them. I always get such a mind stretch when I come over here!

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