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Take It Further – January Report #6 – January Design January 31st, 2008

I have floundered a bit trying to interperet my January Design onto a completed post card…

Working in photoshop I made a postcard sized image coloured the background, drew the black lines down the left side and wrote the word friends (getting the font the right size was a bit of a bother but now I know how to do it I may go back and do it again with Capital letters).

Draft copy of January DesignI then printed the image onto a printable fabric sheet (this caused me more problems then the font size, I tried for a bleed print but it bled to much, I should have made the image a little larger than I wanted and cut it back to size)…It also printed the background much darker than I had expected.

For the words in the background I went to the art shop to purchase fabric marking pens, which weren’t cheap but I will use them again, which is just as well because I didn’t use them for this project, after doing a few tests I decided that the colouring in pencils gave more of the washed out effect that I wanted…..I did think that the finished product should have less words than my Draft copy But I am not so sure now as I think I like my draft design better than my finished one but for better or worse here is my Take It Further January Design on a Post Card.

January Post Card

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One Response to “Take It Further – January Report #6 – January Design”

  1. Susan Says:

    It might not have met your initial expectations, but the main idea comes through loud and clear, and that’s the important thing. =)

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