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My Band Sampler 03 – Details 498 to 500 January 27th, 2008

I am having fun with my band sampler, today I went to a friends place for a bar-b-que and it is very portable and easy to stitch on while talking.

My Band Sampler 03

The Top stitch is 2 rows of herringbone, the second row, pink, stitched into the gaps of the first row, to get the woven effect, with each alternate (upstrock stitches) pass the needle under the blue thread…both colours are 4 strands of stranded cotton thread.

The middle row is closed herringbone with increasing and decreasing stitch widths, worked in a fine silk thread.

The bottom row is using herringbone (3 strands cotton) to hold down the ric rac braid trimmed with Pistil stitch and Colonial Knots worked with a thick, soft silk thread, the trim is only on one side because that is all of the thread that I had.

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  1. susan Says:

    Oh, this is nice! I love the look of the closed hb and will look it up in my book. The woven effect is very nice in the top one. This is a fun project to view, and it sounds like stitching it is fun, too.

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