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My Band Sampler 01 – Details 492 to 494 January 25th, 2008

My Band Sampler 01This is my Band Sampler…The fabric is 25 count Linen…The pulled threads to define the edges are 3.5 inches apart…I am using my leftover scrapes of thread so the colours will be random.

I started it with A header row of Buttonhole stitch (3 strands of stranded cotton thread) which I trimmed with Detached Chain Stitch (green 2 strands of stranded silk, pink 3 strands of stranded cotton)

For my name and the year I used the same cross stitch alphabet as I used on my Stumpwork Sampler, (teracota is 2 strands cotton, green is 2 strands silk and th pink is 2 strands of cotton)… I started my first name in the centre so that it would be centred but had very carfully MISScalculated the centre…oops nothing for it but start the surname and year in a line with it.

For my first seam sample I have done a row of houses, a stitch from Carol Samplers book ‘Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches’
…I had to alter the roof because I hadn’t left enough space, so it is a little bit cramped and after so many years of working on crazy quilt blocks with the extra thickness of the foundation and seams to stitch through I am having a little trouble, even using a hoop, with my stitch tension on the single piece of fabric and the countable threads are a little distracting after doing so many freeform stitching but I am sure I will adjust to both and am thrilled to have it started.

3 Responses to “My Band Sampler 01 – Details 492 to 494”

  1. Paula Hewitt Says:

    very nice sampler! although I can’t help think its a bit of a cheat if you just live around the corner from an expert!! LOL! I am doing my TAST stitches on AIDA – my first real attempt at stitching on counted thread – I can well appreciate all those miscalculations! looking forward to seeing more of this

  2. Gayle S. Says:

    I love the houses! I saw these in Carole Samples book, and was so delighted one time to have a RR block where they were a perfect fit.

  3. susan Says:

    No matter the problems you mentioned, it looks wonderful. I use Carole’s book for inspiration all the time. These little houses are so cute. The name and year look just as they ought, and I’m thinking that buttonhole seam is going to show up somewhere on one of my moms’ blocks. =)

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