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Take It Further – January Report #4 – life is a jigsaw puzzle January 14th, 2008

Probably influenced by having done a jigsaw puzzle, that a friend lent me recently, I started thinking of how life is like a jigsaw puzzle, that nomatter how oddly shaped the pieces are they do fit and the puzzle needs them all, also thinking along the lines that each piece could represent a friend.

Altering a Jig Saw PuzzleTime for some quick experiments…I have some jig saw puzzle pieces left over from an old puzzle I used for an altered book page…I put together a corner of the puzzle that was mostly sky background and cut out a post card sized piece, along the cut edges I glued the smaller pieces around the edges to the nearest full piece to make new edge pieces.

Next I glued a small section of joined pieces into my visual journal and gathered together a variety of pens and paint to see how they would mark the surface of the puzzle.

experimenting with altereing a jigsaw puzzle

I was happy with how well the pens drew on the puzzle but when I came to the actual altered jig saw puzzle I opted to stick with black for the writing because at this size it is an easy jigsaw puzzle and if all the smaller words were done in different colours matching them up would make it even easier, making them all black means some thought has to be put into doing the puzzle.

Altered Jigsaw Puzzle

I am not going to use this as my January post card but It will go in my altered book, making another interactive page which also links to “>other pages in the book…I put the puzzle on a cardboard back in a cellephane bag which slips into a pocket made from pages sewen together in the book.

Altered Jigsaw puzzle in Pocket of an Altered Book Page

3 Responses to “Take It Further – January Report #4 – life is a jigsaw puzzle”

  1. Vicki W Says:

    Very cool!

  2. jacqui Says:

    cool idea!

  3. Susan Says:

    Not only do I like the puzzle idea, but I like your book that you use to store these design things. That is just an interesting concept!

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