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Washing a Crazy Quilt Block – Changes to Detail 434 January 4th, 2008

changes to detail 434

The last time you saw this seam it had 4 of the pink herringbone shapes, I didn’t like it and couldn’t think of what I could add that would make me like it, what to do? I decided to unpick the last 2 shapes I had added but that didn’t help me immediatly because I had marked the top shape on the front of the fabric with a pencil and an eraser didn’t work to remove it…

Ironing block face down on a thick towel…more thinking time but I was at a complete loss as to what I could do to cover it and had almost decided to restitch it…more procrastination because I didn’t want to restitch it, what to do? Take the plunge and wash the block I always hesitate before washing a block but sometimes it has to be done, I massaged a small amount of dishwashing detergent into the marked area, rinsed the block thoughly, layed it flat to dry and placed it face down on a fluffy towel (the embellishments don’t get squashed because they are cushioned by the towel) and ironed it on the back.

This time I covered the center part of the seam with a soft pink bow and used 3 Stem Stitched Stems to lead the eye off center to the 3 pink Silk Ribbon Flowers, To make the flowers I used about 2 inches of 7 mm wide silk ribbon, I folded the ends to the middle, loosly rolled the ribblon and pushed and pulled it into shape as I stitched it on, tiny green detached chain stitches neaten the bottom of the flower and a dark bead gives detail to the top.

Umm despite the problem and delay of having to wash the block I am glad that I unpicked because I am happy now and the finished block is below.

The Pink Block Finished

6 Responses to “Washing a Crazy Quilt Block – Changes to Detail 434”

  1. Susan Says:

    It was definitely a time to unpick and redo. I remember the previous version, and this is so much more like the rest of the block! I like the shape of the roses, too.

  2. Karen Says:

    I really like the way this block is coming along! I was just waiting to see how you were going to finish the seam above the picture. Great Job!

  3. Julia Says:

    Beautiful block Annie!

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Annie, I’ve just tagged you back with a “You make my day” award. Thank you for your work and posts that have inspired me and set such a good example before me. This post is one of those. I love the courage you had to wash this piece and reworked this area. It turned out so beautifully united with all the rest of the cover.

  5. Maureen Bond Says:

    I really love this block. The colour is so cheery and looks very romantic with the delightful stitchery. I am so glad you added directions of the rosebuds, as I wondered how you achieved such realistic ones.

  6. LinMoon Says:

    This block is so gorgeous! I love that seam treatment that looks like it’s undulating – with the herringbone in the middle of it. So creative!
    ~Lin Moon

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