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TAST Round Up – Weeks 25, 37, 48, 52 and 49 – Details 465 to 468 December 31st, 2007

TAST wrap up in visual journalNow that the years end is nigh I have used my visual journal to check off the TAST Stitches that I have done and make a list of those that I still needed to do.

First on the to do list is

TAST Week 25 Long and Short Stitch

Long and Short Stitch…Umm does half a loaf of bread count?…I started this loaf of bread to put on Mum’s memory quilt, in memory of my Dad having been a bread carter for years but didn’t get it finished because I hate working Long and short stitch…so I do hope that half a loaf of Bread counts, I did give it a try.

TAST Week 37 Rice Stitch and its variation Boss Stitch

Week 37 is also quite a while ago as this stitch prooved to be more of a challenge than most…I saw rice stitch as very much a counted thread stitch and couldn’t imagine it as a crazy quilt seam treatment that is untill today when the pressure is on because I would like to complete this challenge before the years end…Today I thought what if I put the big crosses linked corner to corner along the seam, a quick sketch it just might work…to vary it even more I alternated the larger squares of the Rice Stitch with the smaller squares of Boss Stitch…the squares are a little wonky because it is harder to gauge the size and angle of the stitches when the threads can’t be counted, but it is such inconsistancies that give seams there own character and I like the effect.

Alternating Rice and Boss stitch

TAST Week 48 knotted Cable Chain This is a nice stitch that I have used quite a bit.

CAble Chain Stitch

TAST Week 52 Spanish Feather Stitch

I love this Stitch…To vary it I randomly changed the angle and length of the stitches and wandered it back and forth across the seam.

Spanish Feather Stitch

TAST Week 49 Pistil Stitch

Umm It’s new years eve and the radio has been interviewing the fireworks organizers around the country and I am thinking Pistil Stitch fireworks. I did fireworks on my mothers quilt using french knots and straight stitches but they can be done just as well with Pistil Stitch.

I did the starburst fireworks a couple of years ago on a block that I originally pieced for another project…Today I added the silver ones on the left, the ones that shoot straight up into the sky releasing puffs of light as they go.

As this is the last of the 52 TAST Stitches Firworks is doubly appropriate as a celebration of finishing the Take A Stitch Tuesday Challenge and my Congratulations to everyone who took part in TAST in any capacity, that is Sharon for her inspiration and hard work coordinating, To All the stitchers however many or few seams you finished, and a Big thank you to the blog readers…And A Very HAPPY NEW YEAR To Everyone.

Pistil Stitch Fireworks

One Response to “TAST Round Up – Weeks 25, 37, 48, 52 and 49 – Details 465 to 468”

  1. Susan Says:

    Congratulations! Yes, I think half a loaf counts on a stitch you don’t like. You and Elizabeth have done such a nice job on that Spanish feather stitch, I’m going to have to find a place for it, I think. I like the way you did the Rice and Boss stitch together. However, the fireworks out of pistil stitch is my favorite of the day!

    I imagine you’ve already watched the fireworks from Sydney (which is what we usually see representing Australia) or someplace, and have gone to bed. I hope you enjoyed New Year’s Eve and take the whole day to stitch tomorrow. =)

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