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More Christmas UFO’s part three – Detail 458 December 24th, 2007

Beaded edge on Santa Pocket #3

For this edge I stitched the gold beads on first, I stitched them a little further apart than I did on the edge I showed yesturday and it has helped the beads to sit better, It is also a more delicate edge…To form the pattern I went through a gold bead then picked up a green, a gold and a green bead, I then went back through the red bead and picked up another green bead before going through the next gold.

How to make a Santa Pocket Step 1Ho to prepare the pocket

Cut the front and lining for the pocket 6 inches square…place pocket and lining right sides together and stitch a 1/4 inch seam across the top…turn right side out and iron seam across the top.

How to Assemble the Santa Pocket

Cut backing 8 inchs square and place right side down on the table, place batting on top of it and place a 6 inch square (will be the back of the pocket)…

Stitch the first border at the top of the centre square, when stitching you are sewing through all the layers so that it self quilts the wall hanging as you go.

How to make a Santa Pocket Step 2

Place the pre prepared pocket in the centre so that the top of the pocket lines up with the seam sewing the top border on…

Sew on side borders and then bottom border.

How to make a Santa Pocket Step 3

To finish the Santa pocket bind the edges (Instructions for one method of binding can be found here) and add a ribbon hanger.

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  1. Susan Says:

    Oh, I like that border of beads. It looks like little apples up close, but in the bottom picture, it is like a string of lights around the star. Thanks for sharing the how to.

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