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More Christmas UFO’s part one – Detail 456 December 22nd, 2007

Appliqued Gold Star
A few years ago I had an idea to make Santa Pockets for my neices and nephews….A Santa Pocket is a small (8″ square) wall hanging, that can be hung on a door or above a bed, with the childs name embroidered on a pocket that they can put a letter to Santa in.

I have 5 in various stages of constructionfrom just started through to nearly finished…On the right is an appliqued star…below is a detail of the Chain Stitch that I wrote the name in and the embellishment around the star which is Coral Stitch done with 2 strands of silver metalic stitch and a strand of black perle.
Detail around green star

One Response to “More Christmas UFO’s part one – Detail 456”

  1. Susan Says:

    I haven’t tried stitching with combined threads, but this is a lovely result, so I will have to give it a shot somewhere on the Moms blocks, I think. It might be the way to get just the right shade I want. Thanks! The Santa pockets are a cute idea.

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