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A Stocking Finished – Detail 442 December 18th, 2007

Detail of stocking hangerI have finished the stocking that I was working on last week.

When it came to the embellishments I liked the way the Santa Button looked and a bit out of character for me who likes lots of embellishments I thought that the Santa Button was all this one needed.

See this post of how to construct a christmas stocking.

Keeping with the simplisity of useing minimal embellishment instead of putting lace around the top I have used a few stars and beads to hold the lining in place so that it doesn’t creep out over the top.

Still keeping the embellishments simple I attached the bells and hanger with a single red button and gold bead.

Christmas Stocking

3 Responses to “A Stocking Finished – Detail 442”

  1. Susan Says:

    It came out a very beautiful stocking! I think you are right about Santa. with the snowman and rocking horse, it looks so balanced to have him on there by himself. I also like your hanger. =) Very pretty overall effect.

  2. Rucas Says:

    Very beautiful your stocking. I love the colours combinations and dall the stitches and details.

    I wish you a Merry Christmas!!

  3. Virginia Says:

    Congratulations ! I like the stocking very much.
    Here in Spain, we do not have the tradition about the stocking, but I really love it and I do it much more if it is a crazy quilted stocking!
    I wish you a merry Christmas

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