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Details 438 and 439 December 8th, 2007

unfinished seamThis seam treatment is done with Fly Stitches topped with a row of Stem Stitch. When I originally did the seam I did the fly stitches in groups of 3…

I have now conected the groups with additional fly Stitches and then used gold metalic thread to add a Pistil Stitch (which is the week 49 TAST Stitch), to each point to give it a fringe like edge.

Fly Stitch

I wanted to do more to this seam then just add a bead to each of Herringbone Stitch but the stitches where to close together so I have just put a bead on most of the stitches but have added interest by alternating them with the Detached Chain Stitches and red beads.

Herringbone and Detached Chain Stitch with Beads

One Response to “Details 438 and 439”

  1. Susan Says:

    I like the fly stitch seam both ways – the original looked a little like lace hanging down, and that appealed to me, too. The herringbone stitch looks wonderful with the alternating stitches and beads. You always come up with such creative combinations!

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