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They Should be Shared. December 6th, 2007

Cactus in flowerThis morning I received a phone call from my sister to say that she needed me and my Camera.

She has had a Cactus for 20 odd years…it doesn’t flower every year but has had individual flowers which last about 24 hours…

This year 8 flowers have blossomed on the same night and she needed me and my camera to get a photo of it and being a lightly overcast day the lighting was in favour of getting good photos.

After I had taken the photos she told me I could blog them if I liked because the flowers are so beautiful they should be shared.

Cactus in flower

7 Responses to “They Should be Shared.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Please thank your sister for sharing these blooms, Annie. They are beautiful–a joy to see this rare thing.

  2. Karen Says:

    I remember the first time my cactus bloomed! I was amazed it was so pretty. This one shines with all the blooms. Thanks for the picture.

  3. Susan Says:

    Oh, Annie, those are gorgeous! Thank you and your sister for sharing. I’ve never seen a cactus with a bloom quite like that, and 8 at once!

  4. Marty52 Says:

    Whoa… talk about gorgeous… sometimes you just can’t beat Mother Nature, can you? Tell you sister thanks!

  5. judy Says:

    Hello Annie, those Catus flowers are incredible beautiful. Isn’t mother nature wonderful. Thank you soooo much for posting those lovely flowers for us all to see. Hugs Judy

  6. SewIknit2 Says:

    I inherited a Christmas Cactus from my Late Mother who in turn inherited it from my Late Grandma – we think it was not far off 50yrs (truly!) and it hadn’t flowered for years until we tried to “get rid of it” by putting it outside – ever since, each year it flowered! marvellous wonderful floral displays! sadly it died a year or sew after I lost my Mum but I always remember that good “old” plant and its flowers!
    LOVE your photo’s btw, the close up on the stitches in PARTICULAR! very inspiring too!! Sue

  7. Adelle Tilton » Blog Archive » Merry Christmas! Says:

    […] But the posting that caused me to write her and get permission (which was graciously granted) to reprint this photo, is possibly the neatest photo I have seen in a long time. I want you to look at it and really think about it, because these flowers only bloom once a year, and even then, only for 24 hours. Is that intriguing or what? They explode into these beautiful blooms, live their lives for just one day, and then retreat until another year comes around. I just think that is amazing. Take a look at her blog posting about this amazing plant. […]

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