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The Start of Something – Detail 434 December 4th, 2007

Closed Herringbone

progress photo for pinkThese shapes are the start of something but at this point I have no idea what.

The shapes are Closed Herringbone Stitch outlined with Stem Stitch…I did the 2 that run along the seam because I didn’t want a buzy embroidery stitch butting onto the loop of ric rac and I had the intension of putting a fan or something between the 2 shapes but when I looked at it in relation to the block around it I realized that the space was to central to put a focal embellishment because it would be almost directly above the heads in the photo.

I then added the other 2 shapes to fill the seam and thought that I needed something else in the gap above the seam but looking at the photo now I am thinking that it actually does look ok as it is…I’ll sleep on it.

2 Responses to “The Start of Something – Detail 434”

  1. Susan Says:

    I love your shapes. Very unique. I hope you get a better night’s sleep tonight!

    Maybe a very skinny bead trail of small seed beads and small bugle beads? Or some of those little French knot flowers you do, scattered around? You’ll probably come up with a better idea, though. If you wanted a motif (which you don’t), a couple more of them and you’d have a very poinsettia-looking flower!

  2. Annies Crazy World Says:

    […] The last time you saw this seam it had 4 of the pink herringbone shapes, I didn’t like it and couldn’t think of what I could add that would make me like it, what to do? I decided to unpick the last 2 shapes I had added but that didn’t help me immediatly because I had marked the top shape on the front of the fabric with a pencil and an eraser didn’t work to remove it… […]

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