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A Walk Along the Lake Shore December 2nd, 2007

Today was a lovely Sunny Day and we went for our walk along the Shores of Lake Burley Griffin.

Captain Cook Memorial Jet

Looking West to where the walk started you can see on the left the Captain Cook Memorial Jet and On the right of the photo in the distance is Black Mountain Tower.

Looking East you can see The Carillion, A huge musical instrument which has bells at the top of the tower that are played with a keyboard that is pounded with the fists.

The Carillion

Blundell’s Cottage is an historic house museum.

Blundell\' Cottage in Canberra

Water tank at Blundell\'s Cottage

The Museum was closed but even the outside of Blundell’s cottage is charming.

All around the cottage there are lovely gardens.

Out the back of the cottage is a Water Tank on a Stand.

Out the side is a lovely rustic piece of old farm machinery.

Old Farm Machinery

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  1. Susan Says:

    Annie, thanks so much for another look at beautiful Australia! I love your pictures, so clear. It looks like a beautiful day. Is it getting warm?

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