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December 2022
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Part 11 – Tying the Quilt February 18th, 2006

the backing fabric

This is the backing fabric…A silk/cotton mix, woven with a vine and flower pattern, it is a beautiful fabric and lovely to work with…and the colour is about 2 shades darker than the narrow green border on the front making it a great backing for All that Jazz…it is a more expensive fabric than I would usually have bought for a backing and for this perfect fabric We have got to send a Huge THANK YOU to Jenny at Addicted to Fabric for Donating it, as well as the muslin for my messy back and the batting…thank you Jenny it looks wonderful.

I taped the backing to the table wrong side of fabric up.

tape backing to table

I placed the Quilt on top of the backing.

place quilt on top of lining

Put a pin near each corner and pinned around the edges.

pin near each intersection and edges

I then lifted one corner to check that the pins had gone through to the back.

Check to see that pins have gone through all layers

Time to do the tying..before I describe how I stitched the ties on this quilt….please note that the fine stitches that I have used to avoid any of my stitches showing on the front is more detailed than normally requried as most crazy quilts are tyed with buttons, ribbon bows or cross stitches at the intersections.

I don’t remember wether I mentioned that when we decided not to put buttons on the front, I decided that I would put beads on the back, I thought that they would give me a good anchor point, which they did, as well they make the back a bit different and they look good.

I did think that it would be a bit tricky to get a secure tie with such a small stitch but the bead did make a good anchor on the back and there was plenty of layers of seam for the stitches to get a good hold so I needn’t of worried…Putting the threads into the corners before putting on the back was also a good idea because I didn’t have to find the exact point to start each tie on the back.

For each tie I Put the needle straight down through the corner….

Put needle down in corner

I put a bead on the thread and re entered the fabric a beads width away…

a beads width away

and then slopped the needle back towards the corner on the front coming out in the fold of a seam from where I could go straight back down the same spot as the first time…I went through each bead 3 times.

come out in fold near corner

To secure the thread take a tiny stitch under the bead, when the thread is nearly pulled through a small loop forms close to the fabric, put your needle through the loop and then pull the thread tight.

take a tiny stitch under the bead put needle through the loop in the thread

To hide the tail of the thread run the needle through the batting for about an inch.

run tail of thread into the batting

Cut thread close to the fabric to finish.

cut thread close to fabric

3 Responses to “Part 11 – Tying the Quilt”

  1. Marty52 Says:

    This is going to be sooooo gorgeous! Man, HOW I wish I could see it in person… *sigh*… bummer. Thanks again, Annie!

  2. Darlene Says:

    I would love to see a picture of a finished quilt which has been tied. I am helping my neice with her first quilt.

  3. Anne Archer Says:

    Hi…Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts comin..

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