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Holiday Snaps Day 11 October 12th, 2007

running repairI decided to stitch some miniature thongs for the English backpackers and Sam’s flat mate K…Having decided that I would like to stitch the miniature thongs I went looking for something to stitch the thongs onto, I found in my buzy box a business card sized piece of tymtax (sp?? thick, stiff interfacing), I cut it into 3 pieces and stitched safty pins onto the back, I originally intended to do just the thongs but the white background looked boring so K painted the backgrounds while I cut the rubber from the side of a thong…

While the PVA Glue that I used to seal the colour was drying we went to the beach…I took needle and thread to the beach to do a running repair on the pocket of Sam’s work apron so that he could wear it to work this afternoon…

While at the beach we collected a few tiny shells and a pinch of sand to use on the Thong Brooches… and together with a few stitches of green thread to make the seaweed 3 dimensional they formed a perfect little background for the thongs…I photographed them on the thong that I cut the rubber from.

Thong Broochs

View from Magnetic Island Forts

Corner of Magnetic Island FortThis afternoon while Sam and K where at work I went on a 2 hour walk, with the English girls, up the hill to the old Forts, the photo above is the view from one of the forts with the other fort on the left…the photo on the right is a detail of the corner of one of the forts…

It had been a long but very relaxed day and we finished it with a friendly game of pool.

Playing Pool

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  1. Susan Says:

    The thong pins are so adorable! I’m so glad you sent me a kit before. =) Your holiday sounds absolutely fabulous, good exercise, good fun, good friends!

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