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Digging Holes September 27th, 2007

I didn’t plan to spend any time in the garden today but when I woke up to a blackout which turned out to be a planned outage till 4pm, for maintenance, I vaguly recall receiving a letter of warning, I went out and got my car rego paid and visited my sister and when I got home it was still cool inside and a lovely sunny day out side so I decided to dig a hole.

digging out the clayI am widening this garden which requires digging a few inches into the hard packed clay and as it is dug out in expands in quantity, with most of what I have dug out over the years I have added heaps of Gypsam, cow poo and compost and it comes up as good soil but what I dug out of this hole I used to fill in this little area which is a lovely place to sit in the late afternoon.

the clay used to fill in area of path

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