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The new stocking top August 25th, 2007

new top on stocking

I got the new top on the stocking and have stitched the braid on (the photo looks as if it is stitched on crooked but I think that it is just my camera angle)…I wanted to add some embroidery that would give the bottom of the braid and uneven edge but didn’t want what I did to carry around to the back where I won’t be able to sew the braid on till after I construct the stocking and extra embroidery would be awkward to do, so I have done rows of Fly stitches that don’t go all the way to the edges and tapper of more sharply on the right side than they do on the left side so that I have ended up with an asymetrical shaped net…what I am going to do with it next I don’t know but do know that it will include red beads because now I have used the darker red top the upper area of the stocking now needs some brighter red.

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  1. Susan Says:

    I like that! Is it a metallic thread for the net? Too bad there’s not a tiny elf button to be caught in there with the red beads!

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