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Ribbon and beads – Detail 382 August 19th, 2007

Scrunched Ribbon

how to scrunch ribbonI thought that this seam needed something softer/curvy and rushed ribbon always makes a soft line down a seam.

I didn’t actually ruch the ribbon (to rush ribbon run one or 2 lines of running stitch along the ribbon and gather to required length), I wanted it to be a little more random than a gathered ruch and achieved what I wanted by scrunching the ribbon, and holding it in place under my left finger while I stitched it in place with tiny stitches…I then went back and scattered beads along its length.

3 Responses to “Ribbon and beads – Detail 382”

  1. Susan Says:

    Oh, I like that effect, with the clusters of beads and the uneven scrunching. I’ve always done it more or less evenly, I’m such a dratted rule follower! I love the way this looks, and will be sure to loosen up a bit and try it on a block soon.

  2. Gail Says:

    I really like this seam treatment, Annie, it is so pretty, elegant, yet casual.

  3. Nina in Norway Says:

    Nice! I love the way the green ribbon turned out!

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