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Lots of Beads – Detail 381 August 18th, 2007

Up and down Buttonhole Stitch

Top half of christmas stockingFor this seam I wanted a stitch that would push the red over into the gold and that would balance the heavy beading on Detail 379 in the upper right corner…Looking at the seams on ‘Under the Mango Tree’ I thought that the Up and down buttonhole stitch, Detail 252, would do that for me.

Unfortunatly I only looked at how the 2 rows overlapped and didn’t check the stitch length and spacing of the stitch and I used a thicker thread all of which combined to give me a narrower, denser effect than I wanted…Adding beads down both sides gave the seam back some definition but this area will still need some bigger beads to balance those in the upper right corner.

I have taken a photo of the upper part of the stocking to show you how these seams are interacting.

2 Responses to “Lots of Beads – Detail 381”

  1. Susan Says:

    I can see what you mean. The seam was perfect by itself, and now with the whole, I can see the need for a little more. Will it be on the brown piece? I love the seam, though.

  2. JoWynn Johns Says:

    Thank you! It’s lovely.

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