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Basket of Flowers – Detail 375 August 12th, 2007

On one of the orphaned blocks that I have been working on there was an unfinished silk ribbon basket (circa 1989) which I have now finished with a little more greenery and a few beads.

Unfinished BasketFinished basket of flowers

I also made a big decision today…I am going to abandon the 3rd crazy quilt that I started…my first crazy Quilt is ‘Hearts and Flowers’, a pastel pink, blue and cream crazy quilt…my second Butterflies is darker pinks and blues with cream and has a lot more contrast…the third one, started in 1994, was to be Jewel colours but I only ever got 3 blocks made for it and after blending my older work with what I do know on Mum’s memory quilt, I have realized that I have moved on from what I have started and as I have far more work to do to finish it than what I have done, I would be better off abandoning it and starting something fresh and more suited to my current skills and interests…and the blocks I have made won’t be wasted as each will stand alone to make bags, bookcovers, one of them may well make a lovely new cushion for the lounge….

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  1. Susan Says:

    The basket is just lovely. I’ll bet it was fun to go back and work out what else it needed, and satisfying to create it. Your decision about the 3rd crazy quilt is probably wise. I always say about regular quilting UFOs that if you’ve learned what you needed to learn from it, and you don’t want to complete it, then don’t. Move on to things that are more appropriate to the present. Just what you’ve decided to do! I look forward to seeing more on the other two, though.

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