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Deadline is approuching – Detail 359 July 26th, 2007

With my deadline approaching (quilt hand in day for the exhibition is Sat week) it is time to decide which Ideas I really want to include and what can be left off…

I do really want a frog for mum’s pet frog that lived in her toilet and I do really want a cow because when we were kids my uncle had a cow and his family had the morning milking and we had the afternoon milking and every afternoon someone had to go around the corner with the billy can to collect the milk, which is how I learnt about centrafugal forces when I could swing the billy around above my head without the milk spilling.

Cow ButtonAs I do really want the frog and cow I did really need to go shopping so that is what I did this morning…and at the Crafty Frog I found A cow and a frog or 2 and an aeroplane that I think I will find a space for to represent mum’s overseas trips and several others that will go into the collection.

The section of the cow button that is covered with thread was half white and half black so I sewed it on with white thread and then painted half of it black.

Buttons and charms from the crafty frog

and that is it for tonight because I have a cold in the head and just want to go to bed…I do beleive that if my deadline wasn’t looming I probably wouldn’t have got any stitching done today…as it is I have almost finished embroidering the last join but have lost concentration for taking and preparing the images which is going to have to wait untill tomorrow

2 Responses to “Deadline is approuching – Detail 359”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Hi Annie, best wishes for feeling better in the morning. I loved the cow. It looks like it’s about milking time. Thanks for the previous post showing the exacting work of making the last joins. I had no idea what it was taking to get the wonderful look on the frontside that I admire so much.

  2. Susan Says:

    I see you found one or two other buttons and charms while you were there. =)

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