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Some Technical Construction Guff July 25th, 2007

In past posts I have explained about freezer paper and how to use it to size blocks when joining rows…When you come to joining multiple rows the pieceing becomes a little more tricky as you need to measure the width of the underside blocks as well as the upper row…I took photos today, as I joined the top and bottom sections of mum’s quilt, to illustrate how I go about joining the bigger units.

I start by ironing a strip of freezer paper to the back of both rows to be joined, I have the freezer paper strips cut longer than the join, the underside piece a little longer than the upper piece so that I can see both when I put the blocks together.

When I put the halves together I put a piece of fabric between them so that embellishments don’t rub together and after pinning the seam I put additional pins on the other side of the freezer paper to help hold the layers together and reduce drag and slippage.

Joining blocks 01

I spear pin through each intersection taking care to put the pin through the seam right next to the paper on the top and the bottom.

Joining blocks 02 Joining blocks 03

I then pin between the blocks checking with every pin that it is right next to the paper on the underside, weraing glasses makes this a bit difficult, every time I lent forward to check the location of the pin on the back my glasses slipped off.

Joining blocks 04

When I have The seam pinned I Tack the intersections, doing a backstitch around the point where the joins do intersect, before taking the spear pin out…It is also worth tacking any patches of velvet.

Joining blocks 05

I set my sewing machine up on a small table that is slightly lower than my studio table and put a box behind the machine so that I have a level surface for the quilt to move over.

Joining blocks 06

Umm…maybe it is worth tacking the whole seam…because even with all that care in pinning when I checked the back I had some slippage…I unpicked and realigned and restitched these in small sections.

Joining blocks 07

3 Responses to “Some Technical Construction Guff”

  1. Gail Says:

    Thank you for the instruction on constructing the quilt. I didn’t use freezer paper when I did mine but I had spear pins and did some tacking, frogging and restitching, lots of pinning, too. Some of those fabrics are so slick, nothing short of pins every 1/2 inch holds them still, LOL.

  2. Marty52 Says:

    Nice tutorial, Annie. I’ll have to print this out and save it for future reference. Thanks!!

  3. Susan Says:

    Wow, thanks for all the pictures to illustrate what you mean. This is great!

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