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May 2022
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Remembering Mothers – Details 339 and 340 – Double knot Stitch how to July 18th, 2007

join 25

Remembering MothersRemembering Mothers…This is the cover of a book Published by the Northern Rivers Family History Writers’ Group, It is an anthology of Short Stories, Letters and Poetry to which my Mum contributed a 16 page story of her Mothers life.

Down the new join I finished the tail of the bow to cover the upper portion of the seam and did Double knot stitch on the lower section…

Flip Flopped Double knot Stitch

I enjoy doing Double Knot Stitch and as I seem to be repeating it on the join seams I thought that I should make a sample to illustrate how to work it.

Double knot stitch Step 1

Double knot stitch Step 2

Double knot stitch Step 3

Double knot stitch Step 4

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  1. Susan Says:

    Is that the book you mentioned to me? I love that you made this tiny little replica and put it on your mother’s block! What a wonderful book to be able to pass down, too. Thanks for the double knot pics. I’ll try that one out, too.

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