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mess ups add reality July 8th, 2007

I am still waiting on one photo which is having email technical difficulties…In the meantime I am making bits that I know I want to finish the last couple of blocks.

Miniature surf board paintedI used purple nail polish to paint the surfboard, I had all sorts of difficulties with the nail polish not going on smoothly, I think mostly impatience not waiting for the first coat to dry properly, and then putting it to close to the heater which caused bubbles to form…However both these problems will add to the finished surfboard, as the lumpy bits look somewhat like a build up of wax and I will sprinkle a little sand over the bubbles when I do the clear top coat (which I am resisting doing until tomorrow when the nailpolish has had the 24 hours it needs to cure properly)….I have often found that mistakes/mess ups can actually add a lot of reality and character miniatures.

back of miniature curtin

I have also made a curtin, I have photographed the back which shows how I made gathering tape from 7 mm silk ribbon and black thread…I also used silk ribbon to face the bottom because I didn’t allow enough for a proper hem when I measured the fabric.

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  1. Susan Says:

    For some reason, I thought the surfboard would be yellow! LOL! This looks good in the picture. I know many a real curtain and hem that has ribbon tape because there wasn’t enough fabric to hem it, so that’s just normal!

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