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June 2019
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Details 311 to 313 June 28th, 2007

Join 19

The Third unit of 6 blocks is done.

The stitches across the new join are…

In the first section I have used Silk Ribbon to do Pistol Stitches set end to end…Pistol Stitches are formed by working a Colonial Knot or French knot but instead of going down close to where you came up go down a stitch length away so that you end up with a knot on the end of a straight stitch….I also added an extra red heart bead.

Pistol Stitch

The stitch in the third segment of the join is Triple Palestrina Stitch

Triple Palestrina Stitch

The seam in the middle section of the join is a combination of Herringbone and Palestrina Stitches Done with the thread doubled to make it thicker.

combination Herringbone and Palestrina Stitch

To work the above variation start with a Herringbone Stitch

Herringbone/Palestrina Stitch Step 1

Work a Reverse Palestrina Stitch over the thread.

Herringbone/Palestrina Stitch Step 2Herringbone/Palestrina Stitch Step 3

Slip the needle under the end of the Stitch.

Herringbone/Palestrina Stitch Step 4

A Tip I have done the above illustrations with the point of the needle for clarity, what I actually do is use the eye of the needle so that it doesn’t catch on the fabric but as you can see it looks messy in the photo.

Herringbone/Palestrina Stitch Tip

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  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Annie, I love that combination stitch! Thanks for the step through; I’m going to try it right away.

  2. Blogs and the half-way point « Quieter Moments Says:

    […] Annie of Annies Crazy World took the herringbone stitch (week 1) and used it with the reverse Palestrina stitch (Palestrina week 16) . She has a nice step by step on this, too. Then she also combined the herringbone stitch with the up and down buttonhole stitch (week 11). Both these new combinations made great seam treatments. […]

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