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Tast Butterfly Chain #2 – Detail 268 May 22nd, 2007

Butterfly ChainMore often than not when a repeat a seam treatment it will look quite different the second time…This one surprised me at just how much the same as the first one, that this one looks…I just love how delicate this seam looks.

I refined it a little more the second time by doing the second twisted chain on each butterfly over all 6 of the foundation stitches, by doint this I was able to get the body of the butterfly looking much tighter and neater…and then I couldn’t resist adding straingt stitch antenna.

how to get a tight butterfly body

9 Responses to “Tast Butterfly Chain #2 – Detail 268”

  1. JoWynn Johns Says:

    It looks great, Annie. Thanks for the tip. I often refer to your seam treatments.

  2. Marty52 Says:

    Such a lovely, delicate stitch… this one is a keeper! You sure were a little cutie back in the day! ;0)

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Annie, your refinement is such a great idea and I love the antenna! Every time I come and see what you’re doing I’m filled with delight by your stitching or some other inventive thing like your eggs and malt vingar bottle.

  4. corina Says:

    This is really a great idea, Annie! Now the name fits the stitch even better!

  5. Susan Says:

    That’s just gorgeous! I wondered about doing the two parts as one, thanks!

  6. Gayle Says:

    This is wonderful! I can just see these butterflies meandering over a CQ block. I hope you don’t mind if I use this idea somewhere.

  7. alice m Says:

    Elizabeth (of Quieter Moments) pointed her readers this way and I’m so glad she did: this is a lovely treatment of butterfly chain, so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  8. judith Says:

    This is a lovely seam treatment-the stitch is just made to flutter across a crazy patch.

  9. Ati Says:

    Thanks again Annie, for your detail photo and sharing !

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