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TAST Week 20 Butterfly Chain – Detail 267 May 21st, 2007

Butterfly ChainThis morning I realized that it was Monday and that I hadn’t yet done any Butterfly Chain, this weeks TAST Stitch.

Some times I can imagine how a new stitch will work on a seam other times I need to experiment which I do on a sample block…

I wanted to emphasize the butterfly in the stitch and I worked groupings of 3 short and 3 long foundation stitches hoping that when they were drawn together with the twisted chain it would look like front and back wings of a butterfly….It sort of worked but I left to big a gap between the foundation groupings leaving me with long floaty, catchy threads on the front which I need needed to couch down, I used a green thread wrapped around the flouty thread and detached chain stitches half way along to anchor the stitch, this made the connecting threads look vine like and made the butterflys stand out and look better.

I also got Block 25 peiced…The little Darling on the block is myself, age 5.

Block 25 naked

2 Responses to “TAST Week 20 Butterfly Chain – Detail 267”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I love the butterflies! A great job. I almost see the vine as a flight path for the butterfly, too. I thought I was done stitching with this stitch but you’ve made me think in a whole new way. Thanks for the inspiration, Annie!

    I marvel at seeing that picture and thinking how you faced the heart surgery at that very same age. And here you are today, so inventive and making this lovely quilt for your mom.

  2. vivian Says:

    the best butterfly chain I’ve seen!

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