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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
May 2019
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Working from lists May 21st, 2004

In order to get everything done I have been working from lists, it is the only way to be sure of remembering to do everything.


Thus Far I seem to be going quite well to the point that I am getting a few extra things done like, last night and this afternoon I have got the embroidery done on a very long overdue RR, the delay wasn’t because I havn’t had time but because I have been low on Creativity and this piece was a particular challenge colour wise, it is green, gold, orange and purple…green and orange my least favourite colours but now that I have so much to look forward to my brain is stimulated and my creativity is coming back, I did have to scratch to find enough threads of suitable colours but was able to decide on what stitches to do and like how they turned out.

On a block for Adrienne

I did the hearts below and the stitch to the right of the butterfly both from Carol Samples stitch book and I did the wheat stitch above the butterfly…and then I added the shi shas.

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