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Painting Eggs – Its become a Family Tradition April 7th, 2007

In my neices words Painting Eggs has become a family tradition, Easter 2005 I blogged how the tradition got started and 4 years of painted eggs.

I didn’t get Our 2006 eggs blogged…initially because I wasn’t very organized to get them dated, lacquered, photographed and put away…subsequently because while they were waiting for me to finish them I knocked them on the floor….Oooooooops

Broken eggs

I was upset with myself but not devasted because from the beginning I had let them be touched because really they have to be held and turned around to appreciate their full beauty, they are a living collection which means they are at risk of being broken…still I didn’t know what I would do if one did get broken…

I picked up the pieces, put them in a box and put the box on a shelf in a dark corner. I just couldn’t bring myself to throw the pieces out.

repairing broken eggA couple of weeks ago I pulled the box out and wondered if it was possible to repair them, what if I glued strips of paper under one side of the join with half the paper sticking out so that I could glue the matching bit of shell to the paper as well…nothing ventured nothing gained…I seperated the pieces for each egg, 2 of them broken into largeish pieces, 2 of them with shattered ends, each egg with about 15 pieces to be joined…it took time because I had to let the glue dry before joining the next piece…

…the joins are far from perfect but the eggs are in one piece and the cracks give them character.

I am well aware that this is a crazy thing to have done and you are allowed to laugh, Everyone else has…what I find more amazing than the fact that I was able to do it is that when I picked the pieces up off the floor 11 months ago I actually found every last chip of all the shells.

egg egg repaired ella egg repaired

roses egg repaired ella egg repaired

Below are all the 2006 eggs

2006 eggs

Some of you may recognize the wall on my egg, as the one on my Bags of fun, ‘A Charming Garden’ bag.

My 2006 egg

I am organized this year…I have all the eggs blown and undercoated, have purchased new fine brushes and have the paints all ready….Wishing you all a happy, safe Easter.

3 Responses to “Painting Eggs – Its become a Family Tradition”

  1. Patricia T Says:

    What an amazing labour of love,these will be even more special now.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Annie, those are the best eggs! I loved seeing and reading about them.Glad all the pieces were there and you came up with such a clever way to put them back together; a much better story than Humpty Dumpty! Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter with your family. Here in the USA, I’m still looking forward to the day.

  3. Susan Says:

    What a fabulous tradition! The eggs are absolutely wonderful, and the memories can’t be beat, I’m sure!

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