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Happy Easter March 24th, 2005

Mr Beaded BearFairy bearA few nights ago I showed you my Raiders Bear…The original pattern was for a bride and groom, this little guy is the groom according to the directions, I think that he is quite a dapper little guy .

I removed the veil and added wings to make the bride into a Fairy Bear .

And now I am thinking that I can reshape the ears into Bunny Ears and make an Easter Bunny…He will be pale blue with a white chest because when I was in High School I made one of my little Brothers a pale Blue Rabbit and I have a little pale blue plastic Rabbit that came with an Easter egg when the kids were little…..I may even be able to make a carat for him to nibble on or maybe I can find a tiny egg shaped bead…

…not tonight though I have spent the last couple of days, cleaning, washing, polishing, vacuuming, dusting …and now I have a clean House, my visitors have arrived and gone to bed and that is where I am headed…Goodnight and Happy Easter everyone.

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