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Thank You Elizabeth – Detail 255 April 30th, 2007

Up and down buttonhole

Tonights detail is another stitch that I have had in mind for awhile just waiting to find a seam to do it on.

For this Stitch I have to thank Elizabeth, If you havn’t seen Elizabeths blog of Quiter Moments it is worth a visit, she is doing really exciting things with the TAST challege…This seam is inspired by her first sample on 17th march. What I liked about her Stitch was how the Up and Down Buttonhole is enclosed by the tear drop shape.

The tear drop shape is held in place by small holding stitches, on the counted thread background these are done before slipping the thread under them to form the loops, when I tried this on the crazy block I couldn’t get the stitch length or even spacing for the holding stitches and I found it easier to do the holding stitches last, I used a pin to hold the thread in place while I worked the stitch.

using a pin to hold threads in position

2 Responses to “Thank You Elizabeth – Detail 255”

  1. BöskeZ - Elisabeth Zólomy Says:

    This is a clever way to work the stitch!
    And the result is beautiful!

  2. Thank you Annie! a CQ and CT mesh « Quieter Moments Says:

    […] Thank you Annie! a CQ and CT mesh I was astonished Monday morning (western USA) by an email from Annie Whitsed at Annies Crazy World. She had posted an engaging seam treatment and was thanking me for inspiration. My memory was rather short on details so I had to look it up. Right in the middle of writing her back a congratulations (she’d taken the idea far beyond what I conceived) and a thank you for the kind words, I had to pull out a needle and thread and try it on a counted ground. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the right beads, so I substituted by using a triple up and down buttonhole stitch. […]

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