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Silk Ribbon Roses – Details 202 and 203 March 18th, 2007

silk ribbon roses

how to silk ribbon roseInspiration for seam treatments come from many sauces, one of which is my own work, I found the above seam on a block and thought that it would go nicely on the current block.

To make it a little different I made leaves along the green silk ribbon using the loopy ribbon technique that I described on day 8 of the details.

The roses are done by tying a knot in the silk ribbon about an inch from fabric (a little more than an inch if using wider silk ribbon) and doing a running stitch from the knot back down to the fabric, when the ribbon is pulled through to the back the knot stops it going all the way and forms a nice centre for the rose…Tip for finer detail start with a tiny gathering stitch and make each stitch a little longer so that the bottom petals are bigger than the top petals.

silk ribbon roses

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  1. Susan Says:

    I love your idea for these little roses. I’m going to try it on something tomorrow. Thanks for sharing that!

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